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The whole point of owning an Android phone is to customize it to your personal liking (i.e., enhance your user experience). This site explains the things you should do to get the most out of your Android Smart Phone. If you are not interested in modifying what came out of the box, then you should consider an Apple or Windows 7+ phone (obviously other excellent choices).

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Favorite Apps (Get to the Next Level For Free!)

As I have mentioned many times on my Blog, mobile phone users who choose Apple IOS or Windows 7 are buying into a proprietary system. These mobile platforms are wonderful but you kinda have to trust and rely on them to know what you as a user wants. In the world of Android its the other way around. You get the basics from Google and then you customize Android to make it do what you want.

The apps below enhance the Android user experience in a major way. Please note that a few require a rooted phone.

Must Have Apps!
Following is a list of my favorite Android apps. Together, they enhance your phone's features and the overall user experience---this is why I chose Android!. And they are all free!

Note:  The ability to transfer files wirelessly and play any video file (at 480x800 or less) alone is worth the switch to Android for me (saved me tons of time).

User Enhancement Download Link What Sold Me
Touch to Lock Screen Lock Screen Widget
  • Locks the screen by touch instead of pressing Power button.
Simple way to add tasks or reminders. Taskos To Do List | Task List
  • Very simple way to maintain a list.
  • Can set a reminder notification based on time/date entered.
Typing Text GO Keyboard
  • Keys are large and can be resized 1-5.
  • Layout is user friendly. I type faster with less mistakes.
Sending and Receiving Text/SMS

  • Received text message or SMS displayed on locked screen, with action buttons.
  • Grouped conversations in a bubble style.
Assigning Unique Ringers to Contact Groups Group Ringtones
  • Pulls the groups you created from Gmail.
  • Assign different ringtone (even custom ones I created or downloaded) to any group.
User friendly Internet Browsing Dolphin Browser™ HD
  • Excellent and intuitive user interface.
  • Speed
  • Plays Flash (in Desktop mode and with special flash player installed) just like on my home PC.
Read business documents
  • Opens standard Microsoft office documents.
Auto Kills Tasks Advanced Task Killer
  • Autokills unwanted apps that are open and draining battery power.
  • Saves battery power significantly.
Transfer Files Wirelessly Samba Filesharing
  • Amazing ability to transfer files to and from PC to Mobile.
  • No USB wire required.
File Manager ES File Explorer
  • Most powerful file manager out there.
  • Accesses directories at the root or system level.
Identify Music SoundHound
  • Listens to sound and can identify it (songs).
  • Super fast.
  • Displays progress on screen.
Music Player MixZing Media Player
  • Built in equalizer and gain settings.
  • Can assign individual equalizer settings to songs or albums.
  • Interface is very logical and makes managing music easy.
Video Player MX Video Player
  • Plays all formats (so no more converting video files to .mp4).
  • Ability to control size of video (full screen, stretch).
  • Remembers and resumes where you left off.
Simple Stop Watch StopWatch & Timer
  • Very simple and easy to use stop watch.

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