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Friday, October 28, 2011

Setting Up Custom and Group Ringtones (This Should Be Standard!)

As a smart phone, you would think its at least easy to assign custom ringers to certain functions (say when I receive an SMS, or email, or notification,  and I want my own custom ring tone to sound off). Additionally, I want the same kind of customization for individuals (e.g., wife alert) and  groups of contacts (co-worker alert). Well, once again out-of-the-box these functions are either not available or too limited.

This is OK as you can achieve the above using your SD card and a free app called Group Ringtones.

Adding Your Custom Ringers (mp3 clips or songs)
Assigning a ringtone is easy. But there is a trick to making the clips or songs available to select fro your list of choices.

Android looks for certain folders on your SD card for notification ringers. So one quick way to add custom ringers is to simply create a folder on your SD card as follows.
  1. Make a folder on the root of the SD card called "media"
  2. Inside "media" make a folder called "audio"
  3. Inside "audio" make 3 folders called "alarms" "notifications" and "ringtones"
You want to put your mp3's for text messages in "notifications", the rest I'm sure you can work out. To learn more click Tell Me More

Adding a Custom Ringer To a Group (mp3 clips or songs)
To quickly add a ringtone to specific groups in your contact list, I recommend the free Group Ringtones app. Its easy to use and does the job.

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