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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Installing a Custom ROM (Now I am In Love)

A Custom ROM (a.k.a Mod) is just computer tech geek talk for an aftermarket custom upgrade to your phone. Basically, tech savvy experts who are not satisfied with the current Android OS offered by Google create their own 'super version' of Android----its free and very easy to install. No typing commands or needing to be a tech genius here.

Note: Keep in mind installing a Custom ROM is very easy these days. It may sound complex or hard. But it is not. I have listed the steps and provided resources to help you. Do take the time to understand. Once you customize you will love the enhanced user experience---its like going from a cheap sedan to a sports car for free. I personally use the Cyanogen Mod 7 (stable version).

General Steps
  1. Super User Access. First you need to get special administrator rights called Super User. Getting this access is called "Rooting" your phone. There is a free app called Z4 Root which is a one button click that roots your phone. You know you have it when you see a special Super User icon (usually looks like a Android Ninja in your apps tray).
  2. Install the free ROM Manager app. 
  3. Back-up everything on your phone (all apps and data) using Titanium Backup Free. To learn how to use this awesome program click here.
  4. Use ROM manager to select a free Custom ROM, download to your phone, and open/install it. That's it!
You can see a great example of the Cyanogen Mod 7 being installed in a rooted ZTE Blade in this You Tube video.

Updated Dec 11, 2011:  In this post, you can see how one user found  Cyanogen Mod revived his phone and even made it feel more modern: 13 Ways CyanogenMod 7 Makes My Android Phone Feel Future-Proof.

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