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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3D Action Games (Wow! Lots of Fun)

As you probably know, there are some fantastic 3D games available for Android. However, often you hear that they require high end phone specs, etc. Additionally, if you go to the Android Market and try to purchase one, you often get a message that the game is not compatible with your device and there is no option to try it out anyway.

Well, there is of course an alternative: You need a facebook account and have to agree to some permissions, etc (I just use a dummy Facebook account to avoid any hassles). Once logged in you simply:
  1. Download the .apk install file of the game you want to your PC
  2. Copy the file to your Android SD Card
  3. Open the file/install the game (and if required, use Wi-Fi to also download additional 3D graphics files, often about 90 mb).
That is it. And the best part is its not only free but it plays wonderfully on phones that they were not suppossed to be compatible with (of course there are exceptions).

I found that games like Asphalt 5 or Quake play perfectly on my ZTE BLADE.

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